Micro-needling Process

In micro-needling, we simply utilize the body's self-healing mechanisms. The skin reacts to the intrusion of micro-needles like it would react to any other skin-penetrating object. But the difference is the size of the object – the micro-needle. The intrusion of tiny surgical needles is sensed by the skin nerve receptors as an injury stimulus. The skin actually stays intact. However, the “nerve-stimulus”, transported by electrical signals, triggers the cascade of the healing process. These signals in return stimulate the proliferation of new cells, e.g. fibroblasts, to transform into collagen and elastin fibers. The task of fibroblasts is to migrate to the point of intrusion for wound closure. The pricking channels caused by the micro-needles close very quickly and tissue lesion cannot be detected, and none has to be repaired. The transformation for wound repair cell is an automatic process like a one-way road. Their final mission is to transform into collagen fibers. They integrate into existing collagen formation in the upper dermis. This new fiber formation thickens the skin and fills former atrophic scars. A single needle prick is not worth mentioning. But if thousands of microscopic small needle pricks are set, the induced collagen formation becomes confluent and forms a new collagen layer.

Why is Micro-Needling an ideal treatment?

Because it is an non-surgical and non-ablative treatement for various skin conditions such as aging wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring (acne, surgical), tightening of the skin and hyperpigmentation.

How does the Micro-Needle device work?

It is an adjustable multi-speed, vertical stamp like action that glides across the skin in various directions. The device uses a disposable needle tip which is adjustable for varying needle depths and speed.

Benefits of Medical Micro-Needling

  • The treatment is not painful
  • There is a very short healing period
  • The treatment is cost effective
  • There is no permanent damage to the skin
  • All skin types can be safely treated for better results
  • More effective than treatments like laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and chemical peels
  • As effective as non-ablative treatments like IPL, CO2 laser and Fraxel in stimulating collagen and elastin production to thicken skin.

Pre and Post Care Instructions

Face Only
$150/per treatment
Full Face and Neck
$225/per treatment
Please inquire about package pricing.